Modern icons is a series of works which depicts public figures in the style of religious Christian iconography. I draw from traditional depictions of Christian saints to provoke the question of “Who are we looking up to in these modern times?” and “Is it right to do so?”

Many so-called public icons are being glorified in the traditional and social media as the new saviours of the world, wether it being to solve the climate crisis, the current public health crisis or immigration “problems”. Often the ideas of these people are being followed without a clear discussion of the ramification of their deeds or without critical questioning. Through these pieces I investigate whether they are rightly “iconified” or if it is just another aspect of “post-modern mysticism”.

In closer analogy to religious worship of praying to saints for wonders or supernatural intervention, often with a “post hoc ergo propter hoc” mentality, i.e. attributing an outcome to a deed without clear (causal) connection, I question the impact that these public figures have on our uncertain future.

Just as with any religious worship I refrain from judgements on the efficacy of following these figures and practises and do not deny a positive influence of these figures and I leave any interpretation thereof to the eyes and brains of the critical viewer.

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